Friday, December 04, 2009

The First Post

I'm a 30-something woman somewhere in the European Union. I have a background in education and a future in IT and languages, hopefully. I'm a real European, as my ancestors spoke at least 8 different languages within the last 5 or so generations. They came from several different religions as well. My forefathers on my mother's side were stubborn Calvinists, and I inherited this trait from them, thus the name of the blog.

For about the past five years I have knowns that I wanted to do two things: convert to Judaism and adopt. However, neither were going to ever happen, because my husband would not hear of either. And because I loved and respected my husband, I didn't pursue either dream.

Several years ago (more than 5, less than 10) I married a great guy. He is still great, but now we are separated and planning on getting a divorce. There has been something missing for a while, and it was about time we let each other go and follow some very different paths.

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