Saturday, December 05, 2009

Why Judaism?

My parents are faithful atheists, who believed in exposing us to the mysterious world of religions. From and early age the myths of the Ancient Greeks and Romans were my favorite reading, and I did enjoy reading the whole Kalevala in 5th grade. Vejnemöjnen is the name of m MP3 player. I read about Hinduism, Buddhism, I knew about Shinto, and my parents made sure I became familiar with the other cornerstone of Western civilisation as well: the Bible. So they bought my sister and I Biblical tales and the great Larousse Bible "graphic novel". Somehow they always just ended up buying the Old Testament portions.

At age 13-ish, chatting with a friend while walking fomr from school, religion came up. I told her, if I could choose a religion for myself, it would be Judaism.

As a teen I became LDS. Yes, Mormon. I was active, teaching Sunday School, being Young Women's president, and eventually serving a mission in the United States. I married in the Temple, and then something happened. And that something was the Internet. As I was reading more and more about the Bible and the LDS scriptures it all started to fall apart for me.

Strangely, the first thing for me wasn't the Book of Abraham. It wasn't even the Book of Mormon. It was the New Testament. Seeing as how today's Christianity is based a lot more on what Paul taught rather than what Jesus himself said, it started to make less and less sense for me.

Over the years I discovered a Jewish born great-grandmother on my family tree and I was introduced to the richness of Judaism and the very idea that converting to it is actually possible.

I'm not near the point of actually talking to a rabbi yet. I think I will not be ready for that till I actually have the divorce decree in my hand.

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